Blended Learning and Customization

Advisory Services and Blended Learning

eLearning is most effective when implemented as part of a broader (blended) strategy of training and organizational change. The Natural Step offers a variety of training, planning and advisory services. Common blended learning programs include:

  • Development of a systematic plan for launching, delivering and evaluating the course that links the eLearning to the broader objectives of the organization.
  • Follow-up and parallel activities that cement the learning and capture innovative ideas inspired by the course, such as learner surveys, events, guest speakers, planning workshops and facilitated discussions.
  • Organizational Change and Transformation. Developing long-term visions, plans, policies and structures for institutionalizing sustainability considerations into every element of decision-making.

The Natural Step offers a variety of facilitated workshops ranging in length from an hour to a day that can be delivered in-person or remotely over the web. These workshops are custom designed for each client to meet their specific needs, interest and context. They provide opportunities for staff to deepen their understanding of sustainability, apply the framework to their organization, and/or identify ideas for action.

Branding and Customization

The Natural Step’s one-hour course Sustainability 101TM can be customized in a variety of ways to present a client’s unique issues, success stories and branding. Common customization options are presented below.

  • Addition of a custom course welcome page using content provided by the client which could include screen text, an audio narration clip and/or a video clip.
  • Insertion of customized questions and answers into one or more of the interactive quizzes in the course. This includes narration, on-screen text, images, and an answer screen. The Natural Step supports the client in developing and finalizing the questions and retains final decision-making authority.
  • Creation of a custom exit survey to capture client-relevant information such as staff ideas for action or their interest in ongoing engagement in client sustainability planning activities.