Benefits of eLearning with The Natural Step

The Natural Step’s courses are rich multimedia experiences designed by professional educators for maximum accessibility and learning. They offer a number of benefits compared to conventional training approaches:

  • Lifelong learning for all learning styles. eLearning is a key means of delivering lifelong learning, cultivating a culture of innovation and expanding productivity. eLearning environments allow learners to move at their own pace and can be more effective for learners who are shy, reflective, or require more time to absorb information.
  • Quality control and consistency. eLearning provides a consistent delivery of material and builds a shared language and understanding in the workplace; it also allows employers to customize content and monitor employee’s progress. With long-term licenses, employees can also review material at their convenience thereby ensuring uptake.
  • Increased productivity and decreased expenditures. eLearning can be completed at the time and place that is most convenient for the employer and employee. This saves time and reduces or eliminates travel and printing costs. eLearning is the most cost effective means for training large numbers of employees and allows follow-up training to be more focused and effective.

A 2008 evaluation concluded that the key outcomes of TNS’s eLearning program are:

  1. Shared Understanding - A better and more holistic understanding of sustainability and its root causes and solutions. This provides a shared language for staff and encourages dialogue and innovation.
  2. Engagement - A greater sense of the collective and individual responsibility for taking action on sustainability, particularly the importance of integrating sustainability into business decision-making and the positive impact that individuals can make by changing their behaviour.
  3. Transformation - A catalyst for action and change within individuals and organizations that use it.