eLearning FAQs

How do I access the Exam at the end of the course?

  • Both courses include an exam; however, some customized versions of the courses do not include the exam and/or do not require that you pass the exam in order to get your certificate.

  • If you are already logged into the course then return to the original browser window (the Course structure page), select Exit from course at the upper right-hand side of screen, and then select Exam in the navigation section on the right-hand side of screen (under Exam and Certification).

  • Alternatively, if you have already logged out of the course then simply login again at http://www.tnslearning.com/tns1/ and click the Exam link in the course description on the home page.

  • Once you are on the Exam page, select Attempt quiz now. Upon completing your entries, select Submit all and Finish. You have the option to Save without submitting to review your answers.

  • You are now able to review your exam and score. Select Continue.

  • You can now review all of your exam scores and take the exam again if desired. You may take the exam as many times as you want. You must attain 75% or higher to pass and get your certificate.

How do I print, save or email my certificate?

  • If you are already logged into the course and have just finished the exam, then click on the drop-down list labelled “Jump to…” on the upper right-hand side of the screen and select the second “Susta…” at the bottom of the drop-down list.

  • Alternatively, you can return to http://www.tnslearning.com/tns1/ and login. Then select the Certificate link in the appropriate course description on the homepage.

  • Once at the certificate page select Get your certificate. This will open a new tab or window using Adobe Acrobate Reader.

  • You may print , save  or email  your certificate by clicking on the appropriate icon at the top left hand side of the screen. You can close the window when you are finished.

I’m having a technical issue; can you help? 

  • Technical issues such as, but not limited to, accessing the exam, getting the certificate, logging in, and pop-ups being blocked are addressed in this FAQ document.

  • If you still can’t resolve your problem after reviewing this document please contact the point person within your organization or our service provider TM New Media at support@tmnewmedia.com.