Project Coordinator, Energy Futures Lab (Part-time, as needed)



Please Note ***
The Project Coordinator role is driven by initiative needs so the timing associated with this role is not set in stone. We will be reaching out to potential project coordinators as opportunities emerge in our various streams of work, selecting candidates whose experience compliments and can support these different focus areas. This will be a contractual and project-specific role, so we do not intend on creating an employment position. That said, we hope this process will allow us to build relationships that could lead to continued engagement overtime.

About the Energy Futures Lab:

The Energy Futures Lab (EFL) is an Alberta-based coalition of innovators and leading organizations working together to advance solutions aligned with our 2050 vision for Canada's energy future. Powered by The Natural Step Canada, the EFL was created in 2015 as a response to harmful polarization on energy issues, which landed Alberta’s energy system at the centre of a complex, fragmented and divisive debate. As a social innovation lab, we address these issues by collaborating across traditional, organizational and sectoral boundaries.

About the Natural Step Canada:

The Natural Step Canada is a dynamic non-profit organization with decades of experience helping organizations and individuals understand and make meaningful progress toward sustainability.  Our vision is a sustainable society – one in which individuals, communities, businesses and institutions thrive within nature’s limits. 

About the position:

The Energy Futures Lab is seeking a Project Coordinator to help advance work on our portfolio of initiatives. We will be hiring a professional on a part-time, casual basis for a highly tactical role to help support progress on the EFL’s portfolio of initiatives by:

  • Coordinating efforts across the EFL network
  • Executing and delivering project work plans and schedules
  • Tracking progress, deliverables, timelines and outcomes
  • Identifying and responding to emerging challenges and opportunities at both an organizational and systems level

We are seeking a Project Coordinator who is familiar with and able to speak to the many complexities currently shaping Alberta’s energy system. The Energy Futures Lab is committed to building “the energy system the future requires of us,” and aims to recruit an innovative, creative and passionate individual whose expertise and values align with the EFL Vision.

The role is best suited to a proactive, self-motivated professional whose willingness to learn and dive in lets them thrive in a dynamic and fast-changing environment. Strong orientation to details, exceptional interpersonal skills and the ability to employ systems-thinking are considered a must. The Energy Futures Lab also fosters a unique workplace culture and we are looking for people who value being part of a team focused on creating lasting and meaningful change, but who are also capable of working independently and with limited guidance.

What you bring:

The Project Coordinator will have demonstrated experience working in a virtual environment. We are looking for someone who is comfortable working with Google Drive, Google Calendar, Eventbrite, Zoom and other virtual tools which may be used to support this work.

Additionally, the right candidate will bring:

  • Strong problem solving and communication skills
  • The ability to plan, organize and execute specific project tasks while remaining within the project’s time frame, budget and scope
  • A relevant bachelor’s degree or equivalent experience
  • Insight into how various factors are shaping Alberta’s energy sector
  • The ability to work both independently and collaboratively

Responding to emergence is also an important part of the Energy Futures Lab’s work, which means that workloads may depend on external trends and drivers shaping the energy system. For this reason, we are looking to hire a Project Coordinator whose schedule is flexible enough to remain responsive and with whom we can connect and collaborate during peak working hours.

To apply for a Project Coordinator position: 

We encourage interested applicants to familiarize themselves with the Energy Futures Lab visionfellows and portfolio of initiatives. To apply for this position, please submit your resume and cover letter to