We live in a time of great uncertainty, complexity, and unprecedented systemic challenges. Addressing complex sustainability challenges requires unprecedented collaboration and new ways of working across sectors and across scales.

We have a long track record of working with organizations to help them become sustainability leaders. Our effort to support the emergence of role model organizations that can inspire others is a key part of our mission.

The Canada Plastics Pact (CPP) is creating a circular economy in Canada in which plastic waste is kept in the economy and out of the environment. Canada Plastics Pact Partners are united, working together on achieving clear, actionable targets by the year 2025. 


Curbing CO2 Emissions with Lakewood Designs

This blog post was written by Andrew Hicks, IMPACT! Sustainability Champions Training participant and founder of Lakewood Designs.

A couple years ago, I had the amazing opportunity to participate in the IMPACT! Sustainability Champions Training in Ottawa. I have a passion for social change and environmental sustainability, so the IMPACT! training was a great place to bounce ideas off like-minded people and learn more about what it means to be sustainable. Going into the program, I was full of ideas, but I didn’t know how to take those ideas to the next level and create a plan to achieve my goals. The IMPACT! training really helped solve this challenge. I have used a lot of my learnings from the 3-day workshop to create my wood working design startup, Lakewood Designs.

The Co-operators awards more than $90,000 to young sustainability champions

Guelph, ON, October 20, 2015 – Through the IMPACT! Fund, The Co-operators awarded $93,747 in grants today to 21 young Canadians who demonstrated leadership and ingenuity in sustainability. The IMPACT! Fund, which is part of the IMPACT! Youth Program for Sustainability Leadership, financially supports young sustainability leaders as they implement programs that have a positive impact on Canadian communities.

Since its creation in 2009, the IMPACT! Fund has provided $526,400 in grants to support 91 sustainability projects led by youth who have attended one off the IMPACT! conferences or one of the regional IMPACT! Sustainability Champions Training sessions, and who have an active focus on making their communities healthier and more sustainable.

Vote for the Environment on October 19th

Disastrous drought and wildfires devastated Western Canada over the summer while sweltering heat waves cooked Southern Ontario. Over the winter, the Maritimes set records for the least snowfall up to the first of January, and for the most ever after that date. The price of oil has bottomed out, laying bare the risks of an economy dependent on the price of a global commodity over which we have little to no control.

After a year like this, and with an exceptionally long campaign period, it could be expected that climate change and the parties’ environmental agendas would occupy the spotlight at some point in the election race. One might imagine that the leaders would be called upon to provide detailed, robust strategies for addressing increasingly urgent sustainability challenges.


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