We live in a time of great uncertainty, complexity, and unprecedented systemic challenges. Addressing complex sustainability challenges requires unprecedented collaboration and new ways of working across sectors and across scales.

We have a long track record of working with organizations to help them become sustainability leaders. Our effort to support the emergence of role model organizations that can inspire others is a key part of our mission.

The Canada Plastics Pact (CPP) is creating a circular economy in Canada in which plastic waste is kept in the economy and out of the environment. Canada Plastics Pact Partners are united, working together on achieving clear, actionable targets by the year 2025. 


How IMPACT! Made Me a Coffee Addict

As I stare into the dense jungle carrying a machete in my blister-worn hands, I begin to admire the many sprouting coffee seedlings, the (literal) fruits of my labour. It is my last day working in Santa Anita La Union, a coffee finca run by ex-guerilla combatants in Guatemala’s 36 year long war. This is one of the many eye-opening experiences I’ve had during my 40-day field course studying the coffee business in Guatemala.

Designing and Delivering Exceptional Learning Opportunities

The Natural Step Canada has long been a respected provider of sustainability training.  We have built and maintained a reputation for doing something different, impactful, and perhaps surprisingly… fun! I hear that every time I’m at a training.

Why do participants feel our approach is so innovative and engaging?

From Plastics to Prospering Communities: An IMPACT! Story

This blog post was written by Andrew Almack, two time IMPACT! Sustainability Champions Training participant and Founder of Plastics for Change.


Our journey started with a trip to Cambodia, a country with heart-wrenching levels of poverty and plastic pollution. Municipalities in this region struggle to manage basic necessities, let alone implement proper waste management systems. Cambodia is not unique in this regard. In developing nations throughout the world, waste management systems cannot keep up with population growth, so plastics fall to the wayside and wind up in our oceans.


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