Landmark Group of Builders: Greening the Home Building Sector

The Opportunity

Based in Edmonton, the Landmark Group of Builders initiated ‘green building’ programs in 2006, but quickly realized that a strategic business advantage existed in scaling its sustainability efforts up to an organizational level and establishing themselves as the sustainability leaders in their sector.

The Response

In 2008, Landmark partnered with The Natural Step Canada to embed sustainability into every aspect of the company. Four years later, Landmark has been recognized with an Alberta Emerald Foundation Emerald Award for demonstrating environmental leadership as a large business in Alberta.

The Process

The Natural Step Canada assisted Landmark to conduct company-wide training; a baseline assessment of the organization; visioning sessions with staff; and senior-level strategy meetings. During this process, Landmark identified their key sustainability challenges, created seven strategic goals for the business to become sustainable, and energized itself to take action toward sustainability.

Through these efforts, Landmark has taken tremendous steps to green the home building sector. The Group industrialized the home construction process, reducing per home carbon emissions by six tonnes, while maximizing material usage and minimizing construction waste. The company provides sustainable features in each of their home models and explains their benefits to all new homeowners.

The Landmark Group is now implementing their 2011 Action Plan and is positioned to lead “a revolution in industrialization of home construction.” With the goal of building NetZero homes at market price by 2015—homes that produce as much energy as they consume on an annual basis—Landmark is already transforming the home construction industry in Canada by building energy efficient homes with 82-84 EnerGuide rating as standard offering today, well ahead of their 2015 energy efficiency targets. The organization has established a baseline of their existing systems and has developed stretched 1, 3 and 5 year targets to achieve its seven sustainability and strategic objectives.

The Feedback

We have learned a great deal from The Natural Step. Their work has contributed great value to our business, supporting us in defining the business case for sustainability and our long-term success and resiliency. TNS has helped us to embrace a bold vision of sustainability for our business and have helped us to stick to it and achieve it.”

-Bijan Mannani, Chief Operating Officer, Landmark Group of Build

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