Naturally Stepping Into Sustainability

This weekend I was lucky enough to take part in this year’s IMPACT! Sustainability Champions Training in Vancouver. This program is offered throughout Canada by the Natural Step and the Co-operators, which help develop youth leaders in sustainable development. Centering around a 3-day intensive workshop series; the program is designed to deepen existing knowledge on sustainability, while empowering participants to take direct action and champion positive change. It was an amazing experience to be able to connect with some 50+ new and familiar faces who are all bringing their enthusiasm for a better world. For myself, I brought my passion for the development of the circular, green and zero-waste economy in Vancouver.

Attending this year’s session, I was able to hear from a diverse selection of speakers who brought their own expertise and experience to the table. One particular session I found extremely profound was on the strengths of a co-op model for social change. This panel discussion included speakers from Modo, Vancity, Co-operators, Knives & Forks, Victory Gardens, and the Wood Shop; who are all amazing organizations generating impact throughout a variety of structures. I also found a lot of value from our smaller break-out sessions, being able to learn more about topics in detail in a more intimate and focused setting.

I am confident that the skills and knowledge garnered from IMPACT! will help continue to develop Uproot’s capacities to contribute towards the circular economy and empower others. With all the energy and buzz from learning about each individual’s interests and initiatives, I feel that potential for change is amplified. I heard so many amazing stories, from those wishing to strengthen local food security, to student-led campus change, to others wanting to learn more about upcycling and how to get involved in zero-waste initiatives. I am so excited to see my peers continue to make strides in taking direct action through innovative and collaborative solutions, and I hope I can contribute to their success in any way possible.

A huge thank you to the facilitating team; Tamara, Josh, Jonathan and Karen! I am inspired by each of your passion and energy for creating change.

To learn more about the IMPACT! Sustainability Champions Training and apply for an upcoming session, please visit Apply today to take your sustainability journey to the next level and connect with others that care deeply about the planet, it’s people, and future!

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Written by Kevin Kimoto