Oilsands layoffs to renewables workforce - Sustainability Redefined

Did you know that more than 50,000 oil and gas workers are struggling to find employment in Alberta? To Lliam, these workers are the key to enabling a growing and more diverse renewable energy economy.


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Lliam Hildebrand is the entrepreneur behind Iron & Earth, an organization championing oil sands workers’ employment and upskilling into the renewables sector. After joining TNS Canada’s Energy Futures Lab, Lliam made the connections to expand his vision of Iron & Earth to see trade workers at the forefront of the transition to a fit-for-the-future energy system.


"I've been working as a Boilermaker for over a decade. While working in the Alberta Oilsands, I began discussing my dream of building renewable energy projects with my co-workers. As blue-collar workers, we didn't have the influence to implement our ideas, so we founded an organization called Iron & Earth - oilsands workers for renewable energy - with a mission to empower ourselves to build a renewable energy economy. Through our participation in The Natural Step Canada's Energy Futures Lab, we developed a strategy to leverage our nation’s industrial expertise in building a new economy that will help Canada meet its climate commitments."

Lliam Hildebrand - Fellow of TNS Canada’s Energy Futures Lab and an entrepreneur behind Iron & Earth


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David Hughes
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