Pratt & Whitney Canada’s Sustainability Journey

The Opportunity

Aerospace manufacturer Pratt & Whitney Canada (P&WC) wanted to explore how building on existing sustainability initiatives, toward a proactive approach to sustainability, could help capture additional market share and drive innovation for the company.

The Response

In early 2011, Pratt & Whitney Canada engaged with The Natural Step Canada to undertake an organizational review, create a vision and goals for the organization and develop a sustainability roadmap to guide their progress toward minimizing their environmental impact while capturing value for the organization.

The Process

To begin, The Natural Step Canada undertook an organizational review of P&WC’s operations and culture. This helped determine the business’s ability to capture the sustainability value proposition and identify opportunities and threats that might exist. Information was collected over several months through document review, interviews and surveys and was then analyzed to determine internal attitudes toward sustainability and how staff felt about the organization taking a sustainability-driven leadership role within the aerospace industry. In addition, an external scan conducted by The Natural Step Canada also provided P&WC with a benchmark report about the aerospace industry’s sustainability opportunities.

Next, during a planning workshop, a group of executives, senior managers and members of the internal sustainability team at P&WC were introduced to The Natural Step Framework. Armed with a common language and understanding of sustainability, the group worked to identify some of P&WC’s key sustainability challenges as well as strategic goals to address them. This process enabled the development of a series of transition strategies and key milestones to guide P&WC’s sustainability efforts over the next few years.

A few months later, in alignment with the roadmap from the workshop, P&WC had a more-defined approach, sustainability goals and strategy teams in place. One of the organization’s priorities became to embed all dimensions of sustainability into its corporate culture while also working towards more sustainable products and operations.

The Feedback

At Pratt & Whitney Canada, we are firmly committed to ensuring that our products are designed, produced and operated to enable minimization of environmental impacts throughout their entire life cycle. The Natural Step helped us define a clear sustainability strategy and key priorities as we continue to strive to become ‘the best aerospace company FOR the world’.”

-Robert Cadieux, Director of Environment and Sustainable Development, Pratt & Whitney Canada

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