Request for Proposal: Website Redesign

Smart Prosperity Institute is seeking proposals for the redesign and migration of its current websites.

Smart Prosperity Institute (SPI) is seeking proposals for the redesign and migration of its current websites. There is the potential for continued work with the selected vendor, for ongoing support of the websites in question, as well as for upcoming website projects that we are planning for across a partnership of organizations with The Natural Step Canada (TNS).

We invite interested parties to submit a proposal by March 11, 2022 that includes timeline, cost, and deliverables. The accompanying RFP document includes a background of our organization and describes the purpose of the redesign, its desired functionality, and specific requests relating to the proposal.

Note that we also have a rebrand RFP issued at the same time, to help bring to life our newly co-developed, approved strategic plan for the TNS-SPI partnership. Agencies with exceptional competencies in both areas are invited to submit to both.

Guide to this RFP

The full RFP document conveys our vision for the new SPI site and our different initiatives. It includes a background section about our organization, suggests an outline for organizing the content of the new site, and desired technologies. In providing these details, our intent is not to convey that we have all of the answers in creating the best possible site. The ideal and preferred vendor will bring its own ideas and vision based on industry expertise, best practices, technical capability, and client relations, guiding us to incorporate our goals into that vision.

Project Overview

Our current websites are based on Drupal 7 which will no longer be supported by Drupal by November 2022. The purpose of this call for proposals is to ensure that our data will be secured on a stable platform that is to be efficient, flexible, and easy to use over the years for our growing organization, while improving the quality and interactivity of our websites. The project therefore aims to find the appropriate solution to our digital needs knowing that the SPI site is only the first in a series of websites that we plan to redo in the course of 2022.

The idea is to create the foundation for a collection of branded websites that, over time, will have interconnectivity between our different websites to better share information with our audience and tell the story of our broader partnership of brands.

We are looking for a company that, on the one hand, will start from scratch, completely redesign new sites and make a seamless technology transition, but who will also provide annual support for any changes we deem necessary in order to keep the websites up to date to ensure their safety and proper functioning, as well as support should there be any security breaches.

Please click below to view the full website redesign RFP document with all relevant project information, including background, goals, scope of work, technical requirements, timelines, proposal content, selection criteria, and next steps:

Contact Information 

We request that you submit a proposal to Alice Irene Whittaker ( by March 11, 2022. Agencies bidding on this RFP are strongly encouraged to set up a briefing conversation with Alice Irene to discuss the project in advance of submitting a proposal. 

Inquiries on this RFP may be directed to: Alice Irene Whittaker, Director of Marketing and Communications, at