Phase I: What is the value of a strategic commitment to sustainability?

Your Challenge:

Your business has implemented some environmental initiatives, but you notice that sustainability is coming up in conversations with internal and external stakeholders more and more. Looking externally, you also find that sustainability is showing up as an important issue requiring a more comprehensive and strategic commitment of some sort.

To deal with this reality, your business is trying to get a better grasp on the strategic implications of sustainability and how you can harness it as a driver of both short- and long-term value creation. In short, you’re asking “What is the value of a strategic commitment to sustainability?”

Our Response:

The Natural Step Canada will work with you to answer this question via a “Sustainability Value Assessment.” Our services are tailored to the unique circumstances and needs of each business, and may consist of the following:

Framework Selection: Selecting a relevant sustainability value assessment framework that resonates with your key stakeholders
Project Plan: Mapping out a project plan, which may include establishing a small Sustainability Champions Group to gather relevant data via:

  • Interviews, focus groups, and/or surveys with key internal and external stakeholders
  • Interviews with relevant sustainability experts and practitioners
  • Case study research on relevant organizations

Readiness Scan: Performing a high-level readiness scan of key organizational documents to identify successes and gaps, and to inform early next steps
Sustainability Value Report: Creating a report that includes the readiness scan results and recommendations on a early next steps
Senior-Level Workshop: Facilitating a workshop with senior leaders in your business to review the findings and make a "go/no go" decision to move to the next phase

Next: How do we capture the value of sustainability?

If your business has assessed the value of a strategic commitment to sustainability and wants to unlock it, visit how to capture the value of sustainability.