Turning Point - the Circular Economy in Canada

A World Circular Economy Forum side event

The Council of Canadian Academies (CCA) will soon release its latest report, Turning Point, informed by the Expert Panel on the Circular Economy in Canada, a multidisciplinary group of 16 experts from across Canada and abroad. The report identifies the opportunities and challenges for a circular economy in Canada, including the potential economic, environmental, and social impacts of a circular transition. Members of the Expert Panel will share the study’s high-level findings and discuss key issues related to the transition to a circular economy in Canada.

You are invited to attend a public briefing and discussion on the Turning Point report, to learn more about the key actions needed to create the conditions for long-term success on the path towards a thriving circular economy. This event will be hosted by Environment and Climate Change Canada, in partnership with the CCA, as a World Circular Economy Forum (WCEF) side event.

Canadian Pensions Dashboard for Responsible Investing

A navigational tool to increase ambition for a sustainable, inclusive future

In a fast-changing world where global investors are embarking on the largest reallocation of capital in history, pursuing sustainability and inclusivity offers social, environmental, and investment benefits.

Canadian pension funds have a vital role to play in realizing a sustainable, inclusive future. The Canadian Pensions Dashboard for Responsible Investing sheds light on the current landscape of responsible investing in Canada and helps measure progress - while providing a navigational tool that can help pension funds raise their environmental and equity ambitions to meet the opportunities of the future.

In the race to a net-zero and inclusive future, Canadian pension funds have a critical role to play - and a new report shows how

New Dashboard for responsible investing launched to help funds raise climate and diversity ambitions

OTTAWA, Nov. 10, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- In a fast-changing world where global investors are embarking on the largest reallocation of capital in history, pursuing sustainability and inclusivity offers social, environmental, and investment benefits. To seize this unprecedented opportunity, and maintain their tradition of excellence, Canadian pension funds must play a vital role in realizing a sustainable, inclusive future, says a landmark new release. This report emerges from a partnership between The Natural Step Canada, Smart Prosperity Institute, and Corporate Knights, and extensive collaboration with an independent advisory committee of Canada’s pension fund experts.


By David Hughes and Paul Shorthouse

Canada will be hosting the World Circular Economy Forum (WCEF2021) this week, culminating over three years of effort by the federal government, Sitra, Circular Economy Leadership Canada, and several partners who have been keen to see this important global event come for the first time to North America. It will be attended by over 8,000 online delegates, including senior representatives from industry, governments, investors, NGOs, and the public from over 130 countries.


Leading businesses, NGOs, and government unite behind 2025 targets to make packaging waste a thing of the past

"All around the world and here in Canada leading organizations are making great strides to reduce plastic waste at all stages of their operations. Unfortunately the actions of any one organization alone won’t be enough to meet the expectations and requirements of a society and a planet that demands bolder and faster action. The Natural Step Canada is therefore proud to be joining forces with a diverse group of leaders from business, government and civil society to launch the Canada Plastics Pact. Together we will innovate and implement scalable end-to-end solutions that will keep plastics in the economy but out of the environment.

- David Hughes, President and CEO, The Natural Step Canada

A Vision for a Circular Economy for Plastics in Canada

The newly released CELC report provides 5 recommendations for Canadians to evolve the plastics economy from one that is linear and wasteful to one that offers economic growth without waste. Read more.

MEDIA RELEASE: Major business, NGO leaders call for Canada to go waste-free

New coalition launches as plastics waste earns global concern and G7 attention

HALIFAX, September 20, 2018 – A national not for profit coalition including corporate and NGO leaders, think tanks, and sustainability experts has announced its goal to eliminate waste and accelerate the reduction of carbon emissions from the Canadian economy.

How water rates can improve the sustainability of our water systems

By Jonathan Arnold

Throughout our daily routines, we rarely take pause to appreciate the magic behind municipal water and wastewater systems. These systems treat and deliver clean drinking water directly to our faucets. They also take and treat the wastewater that goes down our toilets and sinks. The infrastructure behind the magic is buried beneath our yards and streetscapes—often out of sight and out of mind.

How Sustainability is Disrupting Business-As-Usual

at Globe Forum 2018 and beyond

By Jessica Pelchat

We’ve heard it all before. Business needs to get on-board with sustainability.

A study published in 2017 on Changing Consumer Behaviour shows that ”Consumers are no longer interested in the dichotomy between the environment and the economy,” they don’t feel they should have to choose.

Rather, they should be able to have both. Many businesses have begun to make changes; however, these need to stem from a true science-based understanding of sustainability to drive real transformation and disrupt the “business-as-usual” mentality.

IMPACT! Youth Sustainability Leadership Program: A Success Story

In the late fall of 2008, The Natural Step Canada launched an initiative to train and develop young leaders and champions of sustainability. The project expanded in 2011 when we partnered with The Co-operators to deliver this training under the IMPACT! brand.


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