We Create Solution Spaces

We combine the ability to foster deep collaboration across sectors and value chains with world-class research and policy expertise to innovate impactful, scalable, human-centered solutions to complex problems at the nexus of environment, economy, and society.

It’s a big scope, we know. That’s why we bring a clear and thoughtful lens to the challenges we take on. Here’s how we determine and prioritize the Solution Spaces we create and the work we do within each of them:

Our Focus: We work on the social, economic, and environmental issues at the heart of Canada’s overlapping climate change, biodiversity, and pollution crises.
Our Impact: We engage exclusively on projects, partnerships, and activities that have the potential to drive systems-level change that leads to the alignment and creation of economic, environmental, and social value.
Our Role: We take on issues where we can fill a clear gap in the solutions ecosystem. Namely, where there is a need to convene, engage, and drive collaboration across multiple sectors and steps along a value chain.
Our Moment: We act on opportunity–when it is clear that windows for progress are opening and a core constituency of willing and influential problem-solvers are ready to engage.